How Can I Manage Stress and Anxiety during #Covid-19?

Video – Vlog #03

During #Lockdown due to #Conavirus there is a lot of anxiety and stress to what the future holds for us.

How can one manage this stress and anxiety?

Script – Vlog #03

David Logan: Hi, my name is David Logan, the IT geek and with me speaking today is ..

Willie Nicol: Hi there I’m Willie Nicol the techno dinosaur, but also a personal development life-coach.

David Logan: Thank you, Willie. So Willie I’ve got a question today for you.

David Logan: During this current period of lock-down due to chrona-virus. There must be a lot of anxiety and stress that the future holds for us all? How can we best manage this?

Wilie Nicol: That’s a very interesting question, David. Without going into too deeply, there is a thing called basic human needs, and one of which is I need for certainty, which is stability, control, safety, security, and we’re seeing obviously great reduction in that basic human need and, in these trying times , there are a number of ways in which this additional stress anxiety can be managed.

David Logan: OK so you say certainty .. do we have the opposite uncertainty?

Willie Nicol: Well, here’s the paradox. If you can look online, you’ll find this out. I recommend Tony Robbins. The other side of the coin is uncertainty. That is also basic human need. We like a degree of uncertainty. We like adventure, excitement, variety, challenge, and we’re not getting that just now because we are under lockdown so we can’t nip down to the pub, go to the cinema. We are friends and that lack of variety. As I believe, causing a lot of boredom, which again is leading to increased levels of stress in life.

David Logan: Great. So how can we manage or relieve this anxiety and stress?

Willie Nicol: Well, there are many ways of doing so. If I take it in an ascending order, the old adage – a problem shared is a problem had – talk to someone that is someone, you know, trust. Secondly, another well-known remedy, if you like, is physical exercise. Going for a walk gets a fresh year of decent jogging so and so forth. Thirdly, there are a number of breathing techniques which shall have improved to alleviate stress and anxiety. Now I know we’ll do it naturally, but there are other ways of doing it which can reduce levels of stress and anxiety that are also other techniques such as mindfulness and meditation. Now some may regard these as of that out there, but they’ve become much more mainstream. And if you want to Google mindfulness and meditation there are any number of apps or web-sites, you can go to discover more. You can download apps to your phone, listen to them when you’re out on a the walk and the mechanisms for reducing your anxiety. Lastly, if these have not hit the spot – you might want to consider a therapeutic intervention, such as hypnotherapy provided by a therapist like myself or someone else you know and trust. So try these methods and we can give you more information should you require it. If you’re feeling a bit stressed, anxious and overwhelmed more than usual due to the current situation.

David Logan: Fantastic. AndI guess we could break down these different five areas you talked about in future weeks. Willie – will that be OK with you?

Willie Nicol: Yes, we could certainly expand on them. I’ve just kind of glossed over the surface just now, but it’s just a taste of what’s available out there. Again, I would urge anyone who wants any more information to get in touch with us.

David Logan: That’s great Willie. So time is up now. We will end this recording, goodbye from me, David Logan, IT geek and ..

Willie Nicol: Goodbye from me, Willie the Techno Dinosaur – aka life-style coach. Thank you.

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