Which is the Best Video Conferencing System

Video – VLog #26

Willie Nicol is trying to Microsoft Teams and is struggling. Who can help him?

We currently use the Zoom platform to record these videos.

Willie asks “Which video conference platforms are best, what would you recommend?”

What are the alternatives to Microsoft Teams and Zoom?

Script – VLog #26

Willie Nicol: Hello everyone! It is Willie Nicol, Life Coach and Techno dinosaur with week 26 of our Vlog with my partner in crime David Logan. I am based in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland. Hello David, how are you and where are you?

David Logan: Hi Willie! Partner in crime? That sounds good. I am great. I am the IT Geek. I explain the jargon in technology. Take the jargon out of it for the home user. I am based here in Annan, South West Scotland.

Willie Nicol: Great David! I have an IT type question for you. We are conversing now over the zoom platform or app or whatever it is called, and I like it because I have no problems with it. Yesterday I was on a call using Microsoft Teams version and it was a total disaster. Could it be my fault? Could it have been the other parties fault? But it did not work! So my question to you today is, of all these platforms, call them that if that is the right word. Which ones are best? What would you recommend? What would you go for?

David Logan: One question first. I take the jargon out of technology, you said a bit of jargon there. What does the letters IT stand for?

Willie Nicol: Uh huh, right so. What is it? Is it a platform?

David Logan: What does IT stand for?

Willie Nicol: Information technology.

David Logan: Now so, back to your question. Microsoft teams, should we do it or should we not? Is that correct?

Willie Nicol: Yes, exactly and also is it better or worse than the rest of them?

David Logan: Okay I am going to take you back. The short and simple answer is yes, stick with Microsoft Teams because it professional and is part of Microsoft 365. Which most businesses have now a days. The market we are hopefully looking to growing into. We are currently doing this on Zoom. Yes it has had its scares. There has been security scares early on in lock down during the coronavirus. We will stop there with the virus. So, yes, but if you look at any other product. They all have their good days and bad days. Microsoft Teams at the moment, I would say go for. It is recognised. Yes it will be battered. There will be people trying to break into it. That is Microsoft. Now when I started off in video technology, I started using Facebook Messenger. That is not encrypted, can be for up to two to three people, maximum. That can be done on the phone. I am not too sure about the desktop currently. Then you have got WhatsApp. You can do video there is no problem but once again you will be limited to the number of people you can have on it. It will a very small number, guessing ten. We Will need to check the facts before I could really say that figure. Then you have got Skype, that the granny and grampas use to speak to their grandkids. Or you have got Facetime on the Apple phone, but do you want to sit in a networking meeting or a video conference for a hour holding your phone like this? If you do, you have got a very strong arm. Going back to your question and my answer. Microsoft Teams is the answer. It is developed by Microsoft. It is installed on Microsoft computers and it is stable, whereas your other alternatives may not be. Now just to quickly run down. There is other options out there, feel free to the viewer, if you want to talk more or discuss more, come back contact us. You have got Go To Meeting. Thats GO TO MEETING. You have got Ring Central Video. There is Microsoft Teams, that we have just talked about. Another one which a lot of people talk about, Google Hangouts. Good for one to ones on the phone or on computer. Click Meeting, You Meeting, Big Blue Button, here is a good one for you, a laugh, Blue Jeans Meeting and the last one I have got here is Life Size. There is only three I know of in there, I have heard of, four sorry. Go To Meeting, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Click Meeting.

Willie Nicol: And Zoom of course

David Logan: And Zoom of course that is the fourth one sorry, fifth one, I can’t count, lack of coffee, I am still no coffee! We are in the last week of September, last full week. No coffee. Does that answer your question?

Willie Nicol: It does thank you! Perhaps the call I had with the lady yesterday, it was just a kind of IT glitch, we will be doing more exploratory work on that. It was just to emphasise to the viewer there are umpteen as you have illustrated, umpteen different platforms, ways of doing it. I have got to say any, sorry the majority of calls I am on are on Zoom. First time for Microsoft Teams, tried the Ring Central journey, was not impressed with that. However I am indeed the Techno Dinosaur, so what do I know? You have answered my question David, so thank you very much!

David Logan: Great, if you the Techno Dinosaur or you the viewer who maybe a Techno Dinosaur want to know more, contact us and we will talk you through. Now as you say there Willie the Techno Dinosaur, lets put time aside, lets have a Microsoft Teams call. And go for it, experiment. It is the only way you learn!

Willie Nicol: Quite so David, quite so. Thank you very much for that. I think we will wrap it up there. It only remains for me Willie Nicol the Techno Dinosaur to wish you all a great week for the rest of the week. Keep well, stay safe and we will see you soon, bye bye!

David Logan: Thank you, stay safe and stay healthy, goodbye!

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