Why Windows Updates are Important

Video – VLog #34

This video is one of a series of in the top tips to ensure your Windows 10 system is running smoothly and efficently.

Why windows updates are inportant?

How does one check for windows updates?

Script – VLog #34

Willie Nicol: Hello everyone. Welcome to another episode of The Techno Dinosaur meets the IT Geek. I’m Willie Nicol, the Techno Dinosaur, also a personal development life coach. I am based in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland. With me today is my usual partner in crime, David.  So, David, how are you and where are you?

David Logan: Hi Willie. I’m good thank you, good for a, good for a rainy day. I’m here based in Annan, south of Scotland, free of the virus so far.

Willie Nicol: Great David, good to hear that. Yes, it’s another dull day up in sunny Troon as well, sunny … not.

Willie Nicol: We’re now going through a series of top tips on how to keep your PCs and laptops running effectively and efficiently. We went through the five tips, a couple of episodes ago and now we’re going into them in more depth. So, I understand top tip number one is : Windows updates. Care to explain further?

David Logan: Thank you Willie. So, what we’re talking about here is Microsoft computers, Microsoft systems, Microsoft Windows. One thing is, ensure you’re up to the latest operating system – Windows 10. Reason being is that Microsoft will not support Windows 7, Windows XP, which are the two work horses in the mix of stable. So, why should we check the computer is updated regularly? Or how should we do it?

David Logan: Firstly, Windows generally looks after itself but beware it may restart without any, without any warning. So, how does one get around that? My tip here is to before you start work, a section of work, start the day, middle of the day, doesn’t matter. When you switch on your computer let it load up and then check for updates. So, that’s check for updates, check it twice, make sure you get it blank twice. And each time if it doesn’t update, restart your computer. Check it for another two times. Make sure it downloads and installs updates. That way there, when you’re working it’ll work efficiently, and you won’t get an interrupted restart and you’ll lose that work.

Willie Nicol: I see. So, once you’ve booted up your computer or laptop you hit the restart button which will cause the updates to occur, that correct?

David Logan: Yes, that is correct, yip.

Willie Nicol: And that prevents them suddenly appearing when you’re halfway through something and interrupting.

David Logan: Imagine, imagine, imagine the scenario Willie. Where you’re looking to submit a form and you’re against time. Human nature, we will tend to leave things to last minute. I’m guilty of that, I’m sure you can help me out with that, tell me not to, not to leave it to last minute but we’re all guilty, let’s be honest.

David Logan: Imagine you spent 10 minutes filling in an online form and you just get to the stage to press submit. 5 minutes to go to the deadline and your computer decides to restart. How will you feel?

Willie Nicol: Well… you know how I’d feel…

David Logan: You’re allowed to swear but please don’t! You see though, you see the issue…

Willie Nicol:Yes, I understand.

David Logan: You think it’s never gonna do it, never going to restart, then you go to submit it and what happens? It restarts and you can kick the wall, you could kick the cat through the window. Worst thing you can do is throw the computer, pick it up and throw it through the window.

Willie Nicol: Well, it…

David Logan: I’ll put that person to you Willie, to let them to calm down.

Willie Nicol: Is there a way of getting the updates without hitting the restart button?

David Logan: What you can do is go to, yes, so on Windows 10 yes, you can do. You can go through the settings menu and then update, system and updates. Let me try something here. First time I’m going to try it, I think. Which week are we on now?

Willie Nicol: 34, I believe ..

David Logan: Week 34 and we’ve never tried to share our screen. Let’s try this, okay?

Willie Nicol: OK

David Logan: So, bear with me. So, can you see this window here now, Willie?

Willie Nicol: I can indeed.

David Logan: Excellent so, this is going to the start menu, pressing the settings menu, this comes up here, okay?

Willie Nicol: Yip.

David Logan: So, what I’m going to do is go to update and security.

Willie Nicol: Yes

David Logan: Press that, then you see here: ‘You’re up to date.’ Now, what I suggest you do is press this, check for updates.

Willie Nicol: OK

David Logan: Press it twice, make sure you get it clear. If you get it clear, good, start your work. If not, let it install. If it doesn’t want to restart, restart it and then recheck again. Make sure you get this blank for twice. So, you see there, there’s an update coming in, done it again.

Willie Nicol: OK

David Logan: So, let’s check for updates again. Fingers crossed here my computer doesn’t restart now, during this video. It might upset the video.

Willie Nicol: So, we’re looking for that little green tick there?

David Logan: Yes.

Willie Nicol: and that tells us …

David Logan: I’ve just stopped sharing my screen.

Willie Nicol: Okay

David Logan: Another quick point to make note, make note, Willie, before we run out of time for this week.

David Logan: Microsoft have religiously set down updates on the second Wednesday of every month. That’s Wednesday, 8 hours behind us. So, if you think about it, it’s gonna be late Tuesday night. So, every second Tuesday of the month, late at night, there’s going to be updates.

David Logan: A tip …. It’s a great session this, loads of tips. When you go to bed, if you work from home office, as we both do, restart your computer, check for updates, go to bed, wake up in the morning, it’ll ask you to restart. Saves you a lot of time and you still get your sleep, and you’re calm.

Willie Nicol: That’s the main thing yeah, David, yes, being calm. So, I think we’ll, we’ll leave it at that. Thank you very much for all that information and the screen sharing and the tips.

Willie Nicol: To the viewer, I hope that’s been useful to you and you might even have had a bit of a laugh. So, it’s, from me, Willie Nicol, the Techno Dinosaur, just wishing you all the best and to stay safe and keep calm. Until the next time, goodbye from me.

David Logan: It’s always good to have a laugh, Willie. To the viewer, thank you for listening. If you’ve got any other ideas give us a shout, if you disagree give us a shout. I’m available, Willie’s available but please don’t get mad at your computer and throw it through that window. Goodbye, stay healthy, stay safe, have a great weekend everybody, thank you.

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