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What is the best way to send large files?

How can I send large files

What is the bet app to send large files?

Script – VLog #44

Willie Nicol: Hello everyone, welcome to week 44 of the Techno Dinosaur meets the IT geek. My name is Willie Nicol. I am the Techno Dinosaur, so named because I am technologically challenged but I am also a Personal Development Life Coach. I am based in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland.

Willie Nicol: My partner in crime as always is my friend David Logan who is the IT Geek. So, David how are you today and where are you?

David Logan: Hi Willie, thank you for the introduction. My name is David Logan. The IT Geek. The guy who takes the drama out of technology. It is not the drama it is the complexity out of technology for you the home-based worker, for the home worker and I am based here in Annan, South West Scotland. Great day to be alive Willie!

Willie Nicol: It always is David, it always is! I have a question for you today. We covered this many many months ago, not long after we started doing these little videos, but I have forgotten all about it to be quite frankly and it is about file sharing. I was sent a link to a large file a power-point presentation and hadn’t a clue what to do with it after a lot of aggravation. I found out I had to use google drive because it was a google doc, document, a power-point and then once I had got the document, I could not do anything with it. I had to footer about finding a way of doing what I wanted to do with the document. So, is there an easy way to share large files for example between you and I?

David Logan:

Yes, thank you for that Willie, great question. It is a very simple process if you want to send a file to each other. We can send it up to the cloud, not as the rain clouds, but what the cloud is, is another computer connected to the internet elsewhere. It can be based in Troon, it can be based in Annan, it can be based in Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq, it can be based in New York for all you and I know all this computer needs is a good internet connection.

David Logan: So, what we do is the file resides on the sender’s computer, say you are sending a file to me. So, the file currently resides in your computer, you put it into your cloud system, got a cloud system at the moment, examples of that is as you say is google drive, one drive by Microsoft, Dropbox and actually there is a cloud platform called box dot com. I do not know if you have ever heard of them. They all do the same kind of thing, synchronise and back-up, but you are specifically asking about sharing the data. So, going back to the files on your computer which you want to share with me. You then copy that file, you say to it, right I want to send this to David. So, you right button click on that file, and say create me a short cut, copy that shortcut and you paste it into your email or a messaging service. WhatsApp however you want to communicate with that link basically that link is a link to your file in your computer which has also been uploaded to the cloud computer. So, your file that is on your computer has been synchronised, copied up to the computer which is based out in Baghdad, Iraq or New York or back of beyond. I am using those names hypothetically it could be Australia; it could be London; you get the idea okay.

David Logan: So, that is simple file sharing, it creates that link. Then on my end when I get that message or email. I see that link I press it and it is basic basic ways of file downloads you click on that link. The file should download with the exception of a few variations google being one. But I think the problem you are hitting there which is another issue is it is down, it has been saved in google format, if I am not mistaken so that means you need to in effect either install google applications on your desktop or save it on the desktop and upload to your google drive so you can then view the document.

Willie Nicol: Yeah, well that answers it but I went into my google drive and then I had to download it from the google drive onto my pc and then I was able to do what I wanted to do with it.

David Logan: Still in google format?

Willie Nicol: No, it was a power-point presentation.

David Logan: It was a power-point Okay.

Willie Nicol: Yeah, it was google. I was googlefied if you like it came out the way I expected it to come out.

David Logan: Brilliant.

Willie Nicol: I was stumped for a few minutes trying to work this out, which prompted me to think I need to ask my good friend David about this again.

David Logan: Did that simplify it, what I have said there in my answer?

Willie Nicol: Yes, it does, I get, we all talk about the cloud. So, the, my computer, store the cloud send you the link and you get it to your computer. Simple as that.

David Logan: Yip

Willie Nicol: Okay

David Logan: So, basically if I can just go back a step to simplify the process, so your documents, we are now reaching the end of this video, this document which you want to send me is in, you have notified to this cloud platform this file I want you to synchronise up to the cloud back up to the cloud. Synchronize to the cloud and then once that has been labelled you can then go right button click or go through your application whether it is Dropbox or google and say I want to create a short cut to this file which you have in the server up up in the cloud .Then I receive that link what that link does then is, okay David wants to download this file from the cloud to his computer, and then I can then work on it do what I need.

Willie Nicol: Well yet again the cloud is a marvellous thing isn’t it?

David Logan: Fantastic

Willie Nicol: [laughs]

David Logan: And rain comes out of it as well, oh sorry that is the natural clouds.

Willie Nicol: Yeah, I should make notes on it so in another 10 months if we are still doing this, I won’t have to ask you the same silly question.

David Logan: No problem.

Willie Nicol: So, I think that covers it David thank you. Erm, to the viewer, I hope this had been useful and if you have any questions about the cloud not the rainy one the cloud or any other IT questions please fire them to David directly. If you have any coaching questions, please fire them to me. It just remains for me to say bye-bye from me Willie Nicol the Techno Dinosaur. Stay safe, stay well, and try to have a bit of fun along the way. Bye for now!

David Logan: And goodbye from the IT Geek. Stay safe, stay healthy, best of all keep smiling. Good day everybody goodbye.

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