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Can you talk on Zoom with headphones?

Do I need a mic for zoom?

Should I wear headphones for zoom?

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Willie Nicol: Hello everyone, and welcome to another action packed and fun filled episode of The Techno Dinosaur Meets The I.T. Geek. I am Willie Nicol, the Techno Dinosaur, so called because I’m technologically challenged. However, I’m also a personal development life coach, helping people with their stuff! I am based in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland, U.K.

Willie Nicol: With me today is my usual partner in crime, my sidekick David Logan, the I.T Geek. So, David, how are you and where are you?

David Logan: Hi Willie, I’m great. My name’s David Logan. I am the I.T Geek, the guy who takes the complexity, the jargon out of technology for you, the techno dinosaur. You don’t need to be a silver surfer like Willie! You can be younger but just somebody who doesn’t know technology, is frazzled with it, is upset and concerned about it, that wants to throw it through the window. I’m based here in Annan, Willie, southwest of Scotland and it’s a great day to be alive. Don’t we love technology?

Willie Nicol: I do love technology, David, but only when it works. It’s when it doesn’t work that I start getting a bit ratty!

Willie Nicol: However, today we’re going to talk about audio because, a couple of weeks ago, we talked about green screens, lighting and video. But another big part of our Zoom calls is the audio element. Now, I notice that you’re wearing an earpiece today. What’s the reason for that, and why is it better?

David Logan: The reason for that is it cuts out a lot of background noise. So, if you go back to some of our earlier videos, you’ll hear background noise. Where I live it’s not near a major road but there’s quite a bit of traffic going back and forward. Now in earlier days, Zoom, the microphone, would pick that noise up. Now when I say early days, Zoom now has a function where you can suppress that noise, where it looks at the noise that’s coming into the microphone. The microphone could be based around …. you can have an independent microphone, USB microphone on your desk pointing direct to you or connected to you through, from the computer up to here via a clip. You can have a microphone through your web camera. So in previous vlogs you talked about having …. was it a Logitech 270?

Willie Nicol: Let me think, a Logitech 270.

David Logan: Anyway, it’s of that range .… Logitech 270 off the top of my head. That has got it’s own integrated microphone, which is great, but it depends how far away you are from the screen. And then you’ve got clever clogs like me, I.T. Geek, that have managed to find a monitor with an integrated web camera with a microphone. I’m going to do a test here. At the moment my voice has been recorded through this microphone here. So it’s Bluetooth connected to the computer and that then is fed into this recording.

David Logan: What I am going to do here now is switch over to the integrated camera using the microphone there and you should be able to hear the difference. So, that’s it changed over now. Can you hear the difference?

Willie Nicol: Yes, I can indeed. You’re slightly more muffled and a bit louder.

David Logan: So, would that be a good reason for changing onto a mic like this?

Willie Nicol: I would say so, yes.

David Logan: And that’s us back into the headphone set.

Willie Nicol: It’s a lot clearer.

David Logan: Now, this is not as cheap as chips, but you can …. But it’s like everything else, you pay for what you get. So, this is a Plantronics headset. Why I got that, main reason for buying was when I’m in the car on the phone or I’m walking about on the phone.

David Logan: But I thought, “Let’s try it on the computer” and it works. So, it’s a Plantronics, I can’t remember the model number I use but anything, even wired …. You know you see people wearing the wired headphone when they’re out walking, plug that into your computer. As long as it’s got a microphone, it’s closer to where your noise is coming out of your mouth.

Willie Nicol: Yup. I know other people that have these big headsets with the earphones, right, and the mic comes round, and they look like air traffic controllers. And as if by magic .…

David Logan: I’ve never opened this before, but there’s one there for you, with the microphone there.

Willie Nicol: Okay. So, the microphone, does it stay there, or does it flip down to your mouth?

David Logan: What in this one here?

Willie Nicol: Yeah.

David Logan: I think it’ll be similar to this, it’ll be to your mouth. We’re doing this live, watch the time, we’ve got one minute and 30 seconds. I’m trying not to cut my finger here. So, this is a Gembird Stereo headset.

Willie Nicol: Okay.

David Logan: What we can do is have it on. So, bear with me, I’m just unpacking it. You’ll notice here when I’m doing this here, it’s recording through …. the noise is coming through the microphone. How much of this noise are you hearing when I’m unpacking this?

Willie Nicol: I can hear you rustling with something yes, it’s like paper.

David Logan: Okay, so here is the headphone here. That’s them there. Let’s have a look here, that’s you there. So, if we put them on, like that and there’s the microphone there.

Willie Nicol: Right, so is that …

David Logan: It’s a bit further away from the mouth.

Willie Nicol: So, is that … ?

David Logan: I’ll readjust it.

Willie Nicol: Is the headset wired in through a USB cable as opposed to Bluetooth?

David Logan: Yes. So, you’ve got a pink lead .… where am I? A pink lead, which will go in the pink socket.

Willie Nicol: Right, so it’s not a USB connection?

David Logan: And this is cheap as chips.

Willie Nicol: Right okay, it’s just that ..

David Logan: Gembird is a very good make but there for like the gaming, for the gaming environment, you know the people that play games. It’s geared towards that now. I’m not saying they’ll buy cheap here …. they’ll buy good gear as well but it’s a good, you know, beginner level.

Willie Nicol: But on the other hand, I’m talking to you through the microphone which is integrated into my £19.99 Logitech C270 webcam.

David Logan: I can hear you loud and clear.

Willie Nicol: Well, folks, “You pays your money, takes your choice”.

David Logan: And remember, to you Willie, and the viewer. Update to the latest version of Zoom and you can supress, reduce background noise. If you’ve got kids playing in the background, or you’ve got outside traffic, you can supress that.

David Logan: If you want to know how to do that, send us a message and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

Willie Nicol: Brilliant. David, I think that’s us for today. Thank you so much for talking us through the audio part of our Zoom calls. So, all that remains for me to say .… To the viewer stay safe, stay well and remember, have some fun. Goodbye for now.

David Logan: And remember, search for “The Techno Dinosaur Meets the I.T. Geek” and you’ll get to our videos. Like and share, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

David Logan: Have a great week everybody, see you next week. Thank you.

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