The Year in Review (2021)

Video – VLog #52

Year in review by Willie Nicol and David Logan.

Have any of the videos helped you or somebody you know?

What was your favourite video?

Script – VLog #52

Willie Nicol: Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of The Techno Dinosaur Meets The I.T. Geek. I am the techno dinosaur, Willie Nicol based here in Troon, South Ayrshire, Scotland, U.K. But I’m also a personal development life coach. With me again today as usual is my partner in crime, David Logan. So, David, how are you and where are you?

David Logan: Hi Willie, I’m great. I’m based here in Annan, south west of Scotland. Not sunny today.

Willie Nicol: No, not here.

David Logan: Overcast and blistery. I am the IT Geek, the guy who takes the jargon out of technology for you the home-office worker. Keeping it simple and make everything work efficiently.

Willie Nicol: Splendid. Well, here we are on week 52. A whole year we’ve been doing these little vlogs.

David Logan: Very true.

Willie Nicol: Since the start of lockdown. So I think we deserve a medal and I’ve just gone out and got medals, one for each of us.

David Logan: Fantastic. Watch your face!

Willie Nicol: Right.

David Logan: So, which one are you giving me? You’ve got a gold and a silver one.

Willie Nicol: We can negotiate that later. Actually, the viewers might be interested to know these are medals I got during my police service. But they just sit in a cabinet so I don’t see why we can’t use them now after 52 long hard weeks.

Willie Nicol: So, we have covered a myriad of topics, David – you covering the I.T. spectrum and me covering coaching. So, what are your particular favourites?

David Logan: My particular favourites in the I.T. side of all topics …. I think it’s understanding not to complicate things, Willie. It’s to keep it simple. So, I always think of the complex issues whereas you always bring it back down, you being the techno dinosaur. So we’ve looked at issues like your internet …. how can we …. is there a limit to how many devices you can connect to your internet router. It’s how we can spread the WIFI throughout your house. Issues like that, keeping it very simple, very much everyday issues.

Willie Nicol: Fantastic. You won’t be surprised to hear that I like “simple” ‘cause I’m a simple sort of guy, particularly when it comes to I.T. situations.

Willie Nicol: On the flip side, we’ve had some interesting discussions about coaching topics – one big one being stress and how we can recognise it, how we can alleviate it, how we can manage it. And just last week a lady contacted me from a company, one of whose employees is off work with stress. And I don’t imagine that’s an isolated incident. But you may recall that we came up with some weird and wonderful ways of combatting stress, one of which was gardening. Is gardening a good way to combat stress? Is having a pet helpful in managing stress? And so on and so forth.

Willie Nicol: So, I really enjoyed these ones where we talked about a very common place subject which is kind of close to us all just now even though we are hopefully approaching the beginning of the end of the lockdown scenario. Anything else that springs to mind David?

David Logan: I like the one how we started at the start, we talked about exercise to beat stress. But it comes into your gardening and I can’t remember what your other option was but yeah, it’s exercise.

David Loagn: As you know I’ve been walking every week, every day for the last 52 weeks as well which is fantastic. And I’ve felt better and I feel a lot better, a lot less stressed myself.

Willie Nicol: Well, there the proof is in the pudding, as they say. You are living proof that exercise is helpful in managing stress …. and also anxiety and low moods and so on and so forth.

Willie Nicol: We also talked about mindfulness and meditation and hypnotherapy and other more, shall we say, homeopathic ways of addressing stress rather than reaching for the pills or the booze or whatever other remedy we favour. So, apart from stress there were a lot of other topics that I really enjoyed talking about. We talked last week about fear of flying. We’ve talked about procrastination and motivation and hopefully the viewers will have found the tips and hints in these very useful.

Willie Nicol: Just as I’ve found it very useful you explaining to me, the techno dinosaur, some of what I consider to be the more complex aspects of working from home and all the IT paraphernalia around it.

Willie Nicol: So, thank you for that. It’s been a big learning curve for me and I’m hoping that the viewers will have similarly benefited. So, what would you have to say to the viewers about watching our videos?

David Logan: OK so, obviously we’re creating the videos, weekly, as you rightly said we we’re on week number 52, so, that’s a lot of videos Willie. So, the first video we did as an introduction then ran through the different topics we’ve briefly touched upon.

David Logan: So, this video, this is week number 52. For you the viewer though, if you want to watch our videos, if you want to connect to our channels, very simply go to Google, my friend Google. My second is YouTube but let’s stick to Google. Type in “The Techno Dinosaur Meets The I.T. Geek”. So that’s “The Techno Dinosaur Meets The I.T. Geek”. From there you’ll get our YouTube channel, our Facebook channel, LinkedIn channel and other channels. Please …. on YouTube, subscribe. Willie was dying to give his prize away before we got to this stage. We need 100 subscribers. But the question is, why subscribe Willie?

Willie Nicol: You tell me, you’re the IT man.

David Logan: The reason to subscribe is that you get notified of a new videos which are released. So when we release a new video later on, assuming you are subscribed, you’ll get a pop-up message in your email, “new video released”, which is great. Technology is fantastic. But, to you the viewer, one additional step. Can you please share our content. Share it, speak to us.

David Logan: Any issues, if it’s coaching related speak to Willie. If it’s I.T. related, technology, speak to myself, the I.T Geek. So, I think that’s us there Willie. It explains …. does that keep it simple or have I gone round the roads a wee bit?

Willie Nicol: No, that’s simple. That’s very simple David, thank you. It’s just a little flavour for the viewers. Rather than having a particular topic today, we’re just having a brief recap of what we’ve done and why we’re doing it and where the viewer can access all this marvellous material.  

David Logan: Why at the start did we do this?

Willie Nicol: Well, it keeps us out the pub! Oh, no …

David Logan: As well .. .

Willie Nicol: It was hopefully to impart some useful information to the viewer in an entertaining and light-hearted way but that they would find useful.

David Logan: Yip! I’ll go with that.

Willie Nicol: So, I think we’ll wrap it round there David. It’s been as usual a great pleasure having a wee blether with you and I hope that the viewers will go to our YouTube channel and the other channels and like and share and all that other malarkey so that other people can benefit from our great content.

Willie Nicol: So, all that remains for me, Willie Nicol, the Techno Dinosaur, also the personal development life coach, is to say to everyone – stay safe, stay well and have a bit of fun. Until the next time we meet. Goodbye.

David Logan: To you the viewer, if you’ve got a question, if you’ve got a topic suggestion, send it to us by comment or drop a message down below. Sorry, comments down below and private message up above. For now, have a great week, stay safe, stay healthy. Thanks a lot and thanks for your time Willie, for putting up with me for 52 weeks.

Willie Nicol: You’re very welcome.

David Logan: Thank you all. Bye.

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