VLog #61 – Is Microsoft 365 an Antivirus?

Video – VLog #61

Does Microsoft 365 include antivirus?

Does Office 365 include Mcafee?

Does Microsoft have it’s own antivirus?

Script – VLog #61

Willie Nicol: Hello everyone. Welcome to another action-packed fun filled and exciting episode of the Techno Dinosaur Meets the IT Geek. My Name is Willie Nicol, I am the Techno Dinosaur, so called because I am technically challenged. However, I am also a personal development life coach based in Troon, South Ayrshire UK and with me today is my partner in crime David Logan. So, David how are you and where are you?

David Logan: Hi Willie I am great it is a good day to be alive and kicking. I am the IT Geek where I take the jargon out of technology for you the Techno Dinosaur. I am based here in Annan, South West of Scotland and it is like April showers, we are having April showers today. We are in late May and we are still getting showers. What’s all that about?

Willie Nicol: Ah well if only we could control the weather David. So, my question for you today. Someone asked me recently and even as a techno dinosaur I didn’t quite understand this. I was asked is Microsoft 365 an anti-virus thing and I said I do not know but I know someone to ask, so over to you.

David Logan: Excellent, straight forward answer is no Microsoft 365 is not anti-virus. Your main types of anti-virus is Norton, McAfee, ESET you have, I am trying to think of some other ones Avera. The is one very good one a free one I cannot remember the name it will come back to me, basic answer is no. What Microsoft 365 is. It is like your word processor or your spreadsheet, where you can do calculations. You can do, prepare your letters of engagement or you can do your presentations via a programme called power point.

Willie Nicol: Yes so Microsoft, you are talking about what use to be office?

David Logan: That is correct! So, they have, laterally they have gone through a rebranding so up to about a couple, a year or to ago it was called office 365 which is the cloud platform for Microsoft for these applications. So where we start is you have got a computer and you pay a little extra for the software to be installed on your computer. Word, excel, power point, then Microsoft thought hang on, we are not making a lot of money here lets charge the customer individually. If they want it, they can go for it. So that is when you go into a shop and buy the packet with the CD on it and install it. So the basic package word excel and outlook. Professional one because like a database Microsoft access, then you had other things like power point but as everyone gets connected with faster broadband and the internet and going into the cloud system. So that is what you call cloud computing. They said hang on everyone is moving in this direction to the cloud. They now give you an option where Microsoft Office applications installed on your device apple, IOS, android or your windows computers installed on your computers and it is going to be updated every time there is an update and that laterally was called Office 365. Downside to that is if something does not work, tough. You are left with that until the next update or you can go back to the previous update but you would have to ask someone like me an IT geek who is knowledgeable to do that.

David Logan: So currently we have got Office 365 which the cloud updates regularly, you can still go in the shop and buy Microsoft Office though. So you have got Office 2010, Office 2012, Office 2016, Office 2019. These are one off installations into your device, OK? Now when we talked about the rebranding, so up to about a year or two ago this was called Office 365. You had what I call a domestic channel for friends and family and a business channel for businesses, from the one man bands upwards to enterprise and that has been renamed from Office 365 to Microsoft 365.

Willie Nicol: Ok, and the benefit of that is what? More facilities? More things you can do?

David Logan: Just Microsoft were rebranding and saying look, we are still here, it will be more to get out there I believe to get out there and show that they are still in the game. They are going more cloud services now Microsoft, so they use to. If you think about Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 10, we are digressing away from Microsoft Office at the moment. Its operating system Microsoft, it is called Windows 10 but since Windows 10 has come out for about 5 or 6 operating upgrades it is still Windows 10 but all come down as a new operating system again. The way, do you know how you can tell a new version of Windows 10?

Willie Nicol: All I can remember it is like apple 10.1, 10.1.1, 10.1.2 and so on and so forth.

David Logan: That is one way you can do it but yes version number is good but what is an easier way for you to find out is the feature update. So it will say feature update 123, feature update 124.

Willie Nicol: Right. OK

David Logan: But when your using feature updates be aware it could take 2 hours to do.

Willie Nicol: OK

David Logan: So that’s a bit, going back to your original question Microsoft 365 is it anti-virus no!

Willie Nicol: And do we pay for Microsoft 365?

David Logan: Yes.

Willie Nicol: And is it the case that once you have bought it you can use it on different devices?

David Logan: Different licences different times, yes. So that is where the family one comes in very good. There is a family one Microsoft current name is Microsoft 365 Family. You can use that for between 2 and 6 family members. So that is in the domestic channel in my domestic channel you can call it. If you gpo to the business one though it is all per user.

Willie Nicol: Ahh

David Logan: And per user is per machine. Good thing about 365 is if you deactivate it on this machine and reactivate it on another machine.

Willie Nicol: Ah OK

David Logan: That is a monthly running costs.

Willie Nicol: Right so is it a monthly subscription to the business one and an annual subscription to the family one.

David Logan: No you can, yes and no, you can do it monthly if you wish on the both of them or you can do annual on both. Tends to be if you do it annual it is cheaper.

Willie Nicol: OK, so is this to ..

David Logan: You might just want to use it for a couple of months, so just use it for a couple of months.

Willie Nicol: But once you use it after a couple of months and you stop paying for it you lose your word, excel, power point or the facility to do that?

David Logan: Pretty much.

Willie Nicol: Alright.

David Logan: Correct.

Willie Nicol: Well that makes sense thank you very much.

David Logan: I think that will do us this week I have got nothing else to say unless you want to ask any other questions do you?

Willie Nicol: Eh frankly no I have been zooming since 10 o’clock today, virtually non-stop and my head is a wee bit wasted so we will leave it there. So, thank you very much for that David, I hope that has been useful to you ladies and gentlemen, the viewers. If you want to contact us, do it through personal message. David will talk about all this. All I will say is, stay safe, stay well, have fun, bye from me.

David Logan: Ok I will not waste any time people, please watch our videos, search for them The Techno Dinosaur Meets the IT Geek. Yes I will put in Willie just for you, If you want to contact me or Willie drop us a message below, put a message above or contact us direct. Take care everyone, have a great weekend. Enjoy life, don’t take it too serious. Thank you Bye.

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